Stationary Ticket vending machine

DUALIS Traveller Assistant

Your assistant who joins the advantages of personal operated sales with those of a ticket vending machine.


For the operators ticket vending machines are more than just technical devices. As the first point of sale for passengers, the ticket vending machines represent the transport company and therefore they have to be extremely reliable, fast, easy to understand and thus comfortable to operate. Passengers appreciate a comfortable service which leads to the desired ticket as fast as possible.


The new ticket vending machine offers both. The advantages of personal consultation of an call center agent via live chat on the one hand and on the other hand the approved functions of a stationary ticket vending machine. The possibility of the remote control by a call center agent goes one step further. The call center agent operates the TVM and leads the passenger to the correct ticket, so the passenger only needs to finish the payment process.


Coins, banknotes and debit or credit cards can be used for payment. The banknote recycler used does not only take banknotes as a means of payment, but also returns back banknotes as change. A barcode scanner allows now innovative functions, such as the quick purchase of supplementary tickets. Furthermore, the automatic machine is ready for electronic ticketing.


Just like all other ICA products, the DUALIS Traveller Assistant  is based on a modular concept, so that individual components can also be retrofitted at a later date when needed. 


Overview of advantages:


• improved customer service because of personal consultation directly

  at the ticket vending machine

• relieving of the ticket agency in highly frequented times

• enlargement of the customer service capacities

• use in areas with low numbers of passengers

• electronic ticketing (VDV-KA and international standards)

• increased vandalism protection concerning additional constructive reinforcements

• handicapped accessible and certified according to TSI-PRM

• additional information display for the live chat with a call center agent

  or e. g. for dynamic passenger information (DFI)

• Chipcard dispenser for electronic tickets (e. g. VDV-KA) (option)

• barcode reader as customer interface (option)