Mobile Ticket Vending Machine


The DUALIS 3100 CL with the 32” multi-touch-display offers cashless comfort for both outdoor installations and mobile use in buses and trams.


Now one can not only buy tickets, but the passenger can also be offered new applications. Whether Information, real-time data or further supplementary functions, with this family of ticket vending machines all this is possible. The large display creates completely new possibilities in the visualization of the applications, for example the split screen user interface offers extra usability for the passenger. With this capability the ticket vending machine can be supplied with new applications, that offer the passenger assistance with ticket purchasing, information searching or performing other operations. As well it gives the operator the possibility to serve as a web-platform and to offer different web-services on the device.


This DUALIS 3100 series of ticket vending machines is the perfect combination of innovation and experience and was developed with the goal of greater passenger satisfaction, as well as obtaining an far greater profitability for the operator of this vending machine series.