Mobile Ticket Vending Machine


The DUALIS 3000 CR meets the special requirements for mobile use on board vehicles (trams and local trains). Despite its compact dimensions, the ticket machine can handle all popular payment methods, i.e. coins with last in – first out change function and banknotes with an escrow for one banknote. Apart from coins and banknotes it also accepts debit, EC and credit cards. In addition, the ticket machine has been prepared for contactless payment methods girogo, PayPass and payWave as well as for electronic ticketing.


The DUALIS 3000 CR can also be supplied with optional data interfaces for UMTS, GPRS or WLAN. For connection to the on-board computer, normally IBIS or alternatively LAN can be provided. With the aid of the DUALIS Cemas management system, operators of the machine are able to control the entire data management themselves. The use of tried-and-tested, top quality components and materials, and the high standards in production and quality control are our guarantee for an economical, durable and future-proof solution design in ticket sales.