The use of electronic tickets instead of the current paper tickets is growing in significance in public passenger transport. On the one hand, electronic tickets make completely new type of use available to the transport companies; on the other hand, it makes it easier and more convenient for the customer to use public transport. Higher acceptance of public transport among the public on the one hand and more flexible pricing strategies (e.g. best price), better planning of resources (e.g. route loading), more meaningful and up-to-date statistics, less cash handling and interfaces to existing accounting systems on the other hand necessarily lead to increased revenue and an improvement in the profitability of the transport operation. 


We already implement the standard for electronic ticketing in Germany, the VDV core application, in our ticket machines. Our ticket machines can issue electronic tickets, load value or tariff products onto smartcards, or deduct from them. They can read the content of electronic tickets and display the transaction history to the customer on their screen.


Our back-office system can be expanded by a special module to meet the requirements of electronic ticketing. This module maps all the functions required for card management, customer management, accounting and debiting services and so as system security. Thanks to the wide variety of options electronic ticketing offers, we focus here on tailoring customer-specific solutions and on permanent improvement of a fast and secure system with full transparency of all financial transactions.