DUALIS Cemas is the management system for the DUALIS series of ticket machines and has been specially developed by ICA to meet the needs of public passenger transport.

As the central component of the ICA ticketing system, the DUALIS Cemas controls all processes, such as the configuration and monitoring of ticket machines or data management for all sales transactions. Special tools allow customization of user interfaces or ticket layouts, for example, allowing operators to make cost-effective and flexible changes without having to involve the manufacturer. Service functions are provided aimed so as to reduce the life cycle costs of the ticket machine. 

DUALIS Cemas runs on the Windows operating system. The system is web-based. Client computers therefore do not need special software. Data is managed in an Oracle database, forming an application logic through specific JAVA programming and the TOMCAT Servlet Engine. The JasperReports report generator ensures a high degree of flexibility in data analysis.

The DUALIS Cemas has been continuously developed for practical use on the basis of practical experience in close collaboration with the users and today sets the standard for reliability, flexibility and versatility.