ICA MultiTicket C

The pioneering chip card system

Maximum flexibility

The ICA MultiTicket C chip card system is based on processing a reusable, contactless chip card for all parking management tasks:
The chip card is used for short-term tickets as well as special and permanent tickets. In contrast to a paper-based system there are no follow-up costs due to ongoing ticket usage. The chip card offers flexible customer loyalty options as well as discounting and is open to other additional functions.


Extraordinary cost effectiveness

Due to the rewritability on both sides of the fully printable chip card it can be recoded over 100,000 times.
The chip card system is unbeatable in terms of follow-up costs as a result of low maintenance costs thanks to contactless and therefore wear-proof read and write technology, as well as keeping mechanical components to the minimum.

  • Only chip card based solution for parking space management
  • Low maintenance thanks to contactless read technology and very few mechanical components
  • Flexible discounting due to electronic stamping/payment
  • One card for all applications