Company Profile

ICA was founded in Dortmund in 1986 by Dipl.-Ing. [qualified engineer] Mr Heinz Sander.


During the first two years, ICA dealt in software and hardware solutions for the mechanical engineering sector. ICA was one of the first German companies to recognise the potential of chip card technology in 1988 and since then has implemented it in the field of car park operational systems in particular. With over 1200 complete solutions installed throughout Germany, ICA has made chip cards a standard in the car park sector. The experience gained from this led to a universal concept for using components in additional areas of application. In doing so, ICA adapts its components and hardware and software in particular to the individual requirements of the customer.


In the years which followed, ICA gained a wide range of experience in the fields of chip card handling and automation technology as well as in software and electronics. Since 1993, other products e.g. in the leisure sector, banking and vending machines have been developed using this experience. When it comes to new systems in the car park sector, ICA possesses a market share of 15%.


The suppliers selected by ICA guarantee a high degree of flexibility and quality. The final assembly of the components and the system testing are carried out by ICA. An in-house installation and service team ensure customer satisfaction and investment security.


On the basis of the experience accumulated in the public transport sector since 1999, ICA Traffic GmbH spun off from ICA Chipkartensysteme in 2000 as an independent company which has already delivered over 6000 automatic machines for the public transport sector since 2001.


In 2003, ICA developed a barcode slip system as an alternative to chip card technology in order to satisfy all customer requirements and to thereby make it possible to offer all sought-after system technologies.


A strong national presence with a very good service network as well as broad international success further distinguish ICA.